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/* Das folgende JavaScript wird für alle Benutzer geladen. */

// Editing-page-specific: see also below JKeyWikiEditorHelp.js
if (mw.config.get('wgAction') === "edit" || mw.config.get('wgAction') === "submit" || mw.config.get('wgCanonicalSpecialPageName') === "Upload") {
  if (typeof EditTools === 'undefined') {
  if (typeof $.wikiEditor === 'undefined') {
    importScript("MediaWiki:Common.js/edit.js");  // TODO remove or adjust? AP 2011-08-25
$.jI18n = {/*  resource string dictionary
  Note: Commons uses collapse/expand ▲/▼, but this looks better in strict box
  layouts that in the free-wrapping key statements
  Nomenclature proposal: if an extra plugin is used, strings can be designated as
  “plugin_toolTipSomthing” otherwise just “toolTipSomthing” (global string). So it’s more clear if
  somebody wants to deactivate a plugin and remove strings from the resource dictionary.
  en: {
    captionCollapse :        " (show less) ",
    captionExpand :          " (more...) ",
    expandAll :              "Show all extras",
    iconCloseWindowHover :   "",
    iconCloseWindow :        "",
    iconOverview  :          "",
    iconResume  :            "",
    iconStart1st  :          "",
    iconStartNew  :          "",
    imageMetadataLink :      "(Information about Creator, License and Copyright)",
    newWindow :              "(New Window …)",
    toolTipClose  :          "Click to close",
    toolTipCollapse :        "(click to hide information below)",
    toolTipExpand :          "(click to show more information below)",
    toolTipImageZooming :    "Images can be enlarged by clicking on it",
    toolTipNavigatePagetop : "Top of page",
    toolTipNewWindow :       "(click to open content in a new window or tab)",
    toolTipFloatleft : "floating on the left side",
    toolTipFloatright: "floating on the right side",
    toolTipUnfloat: "back to default position",
    toolTipNoContentLoadable:"<i>No content could be loaded</i>",
    toolTipHeadingLink:      "Click to show (permanent) link to this headline", // MediaWiki:Gadget-HeadingLink
    toolTipHeadingLinkHelp:  "(1) Normal link to this head line or (2) the permanent link with version number:",// MediaWiki:Gadget-HeadingLink
    zoomNotPossible :        "(This image can not be further enlarged)",
    // see MediaWiki:zoomImage.js
    ZoomImage_iconMagnifier: "",
    ZoomImage_iconMagnifierHover: "",
    ZoomImage_iconLoader:  "",
    ZoomImage_toolTipLoad :  "(click to load largest available image; this may take considerable time to load)",
    ZoomImage_textZoomOrig:  "Zooming facility"
  de: {
    captionCollapse :        "&nbsp;(weniger anzeigen)&nbsp;",
    captionExpand :          "&nbsp;(mehr...)&nbsp;",
    expandAll :              "Alle Zusatzinformationen zeigen",
    imageMetadataLink :      "(Informationen zu Autor, Lizenz und Copyright)",
    newWindow :              "(Neues Fenster …)",
    toolTipClose  :          "Zum Schließen klicken",
    toolTipCollapse :        "(klicken um Zusatzinformationen zu verbergen)",
    toolTipExpand :          "(klicken um Zusatzinformationen anzuzeigen)",
    toolTipHeadingLink:      "Klicken um (permanenten) Link dieser Überschrift anzuzeigen",// MediaWiki:Gadget-HeadingLink
    toolTipHeadingLinkHelp:  "(1) Link zu dieser Überschrift oder (2) Link mit Versionsnummer:",// MediaWiki:Gadget-HeadingLink
    toolTipImageZooming :    "Bilder können durch Anklicken vergrößert betrachtet werden",
    toolTipNavigatePagetop : "Zum Seitenanfang",
    toolTipNewWindow :       "(klicken um Inhalt in neuem Fenster oder Reiter zu öffnen)",
    toolTipFloatleft : "Links schwebend",
    toolTipFloatright: "Rechts schwebend",
    toolTipUnfloat: "Zurück zur Normalposition",
    toolTipNoContentLoadable:"<i>Leider konnte der Inhalt nicht geladen werden.</i>",
    zoomNotPossible :        "(Dieses Bild kann nicht weiter vergrößert werden)",
    // see MediaWiki:zoomImage.js
    ZoomImage_toolTipLoad :  "(klicken um Originalbild nachzuladen; bei großen Bildern kann dies u. U. langsam sein)",
    ZoomImage_textZoomOrig:  "Vergrößerungsfunktion"
  it: {
    captionCollapse :        "&nbsp;(mostra di meno)&nbsp;",
    captionExpand :          "&nbsp;(più...)&nbsp;",
    expandAll :              "Mostra tutti informazione", //REVISE
    imageMetadataLink   :    "(Informazione sull'Autore, Licenza e Copyright)",
    toolTipClose  :          "Clicca per chiudere",
    toolTipImageZooming :    "Le immagini possono essere ingrandite cliccandoci sopra",
    zoomNotPossible :        "(Al momento non è possibilie ingrandire questa immagine)" // TODO translation see en version
 * Description: Get resource string (text, image URLs) for a given language, based on a string-key
 *  If no resource is defined in a given language for a resource key, the resource for "en" will be returned, if this is missing as well an error message.
 * resourceKey: key for the resource (string)
$.resource = function (resourceKey) {
    var lang = wgUserLanguage.split("-")[0]; // language: "pt-BR", "de-formal", etc.
    return ($.jI18n[lang] && $.jI18n[lang][resourceKey] ?
      $.jI18n[lang][resourceKey] :
      ($.jI18n.en[resourceKey]) ? $.jI18n.en[resourceKey] : "MISSING RESOURCE: no $.jI18n.en." + resourceKey + " defined.");

// Table Filter/Sort //
// specific to
// TODO ?replace by jQuery plugin datatable?
function initTableFilterSort(){ // see MediaWiki:SortTableFilter.js
/* Note: problem is auto-inserted <tbody></tbody> by the browser: must be removed and
   replaced by thead + tbody. jQuery.unwrap() was not successful */
   // add possibly more classes from
  // Note: only applies to non-nested tables
  var jAutotables = $('table.table-autosort, table.table-autofilter, table-autostripe,table-sorted-asc,table-sorted-desc, table-filtered');
  if (jAutotables.length) {
    // Note: in MediaWiki:SortTableFilter.js 'InputFilterTitle' was not recognized
    $.extend(true, $.jI18n, {
    en: {
      AutoSortTitle : 'Click to sort',
      FilterAllLabel: 'Filter: All',
      InputFilterTitle: 'Filter text (case sensitive, uses reg. expressions)'
    de: {
      AutoSortTitle : 'Zum Sortieren klicken',
      FilterAllLabel: 'Zeige: alle',
      InputFilterTitle: 'Text filtern (GROß/klein!, nutzt reg. Ausdrücke)'
    // get sortable/filterable here already otherwise multiple th-filters
    $.getScript(mw.config.get( 'wgServer' ) + mw.config.get( 'wgScript' ) + "?title=MediaWiki:SortTableFilter.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript",
      function(){return true;});
    // modify tables to introduce thead structure
    jAutotables.each(function(index){ //TODO simplify code? if()…
      // There may or may not be a tbody around tr. NOTE: $.unwrap() does not work here!
      // Memo: find('tr th') finds th, .parent() retrieves tr! .wrapAll will wrap inside DOM, not in return value! .detach() returns detached
      // OK in FF 3.6 and IE 7-8, not in IE6 (like the old code)
      // FURTHER WORK: Ideally, all normal tr td should remain in a tbody.
      var jThis = $(this),
        jThead = jThis.find('tr th').parent().detach(),
        jTfoot = jThis.find('tr[class=tfoot] td').parent().detach(),// remove it from the DOM
        jTbody = jThis.find('tbody:first');
      if (jTbody.length===0) {
        jTbody = jThis.find('tbody:first');
      if (jTfoot.length) {
      // th with class="input" gives an input field instead of selections
      $(this).find('th[class=input]').append('<input name="filter" title="'+$.resource('InputFilterTitle')+'" size="8" onkeyup="Table.filter(this,this)">');
    });// end each()
  } // END if any autotable

   mediaWiki.loader.state({"site":"ready"}); is appended and takes care of
   the document ready event. If $(document).ready() is used, for forms
   $ is then unknown. Scope or closure problem? (AP 2011-02-20)
// When document is completely loaded
$(document).ready(function() {
//  initImageZooming();
//  initTargetHighlighting(); // page-internal jumps
//  initmoveTOC(); // TOC CSS position fixed or static
  // specific to
    initTableFilterSort(); // tests internally whether table with corresponding classes exist 
}); // end $(document).ready()
  // ***** CAN initCollapseButtons BE DELETED?
  // initCollapseButtons(); // strongly changes page layout: execute first
//  initCluetips();
  // page specific
  if(mw.config.get( 'wgAction' )==="formedit" || mw.config.get( 'wgCanonicalSpecialPageName' )==="FormEdit"){
   // initConfirmDeleteSubform();
//    initMarkAllFilledFormElements();
  // specific to
//    initCollapsebox(); //collapsible parts 
// </source>